The Thorne Trilogy ~ The magical Redemption spin-off series that follows Monroe Jacobs



A grimoire. A witch. A Demon.

Ellie Elizabeth Jacobs, often known as Monroe due to her fascination with vintage attire and old movies, is an 18 year-old witch and a darned good one! But there is also something very wrong with her. Demonic energy makes her powers stronger, she has the ability to ward off Demons, and Lucifer wants her.

Sometimes being bad is better.  Or at least that’s how Luther “Thorne” Craig feels. The hybrid Demon son of the cursed Cain and the Demon Lilith, Luther is reluctantly sent to New Orleans, Louisiana by his brother, the hybrid Demon ruler of the Outer Levels of Hell, to  protect Monroe from Lucifer’s searching Hellhounds.

But what happens when things go wrong?

In this riveting spin off from R.K. Ryals’ Redemption series, Monroe is faced with an old grimoire, an ancient curse, and a journey to discover a family secret that may surprise them all.

Possessed Medium


Calling a Demon forth wasn’t the wisest thing the Ayers witches have ever done. For centuries, the Ayers have been slaves of the Demon Lilith, one Ayers witch destined to do her will while another was sacrificed to the Hunters. But Monroe Jacobs has changed the rules …

A witch from the Ayers line, Monroe’s powers have always been connected to Demons and now she knows why. Once a slave to Lilith, she has thrown off her blood ties to the Demon queen by calling on her son, the hybrid-Demon, Luther. Now Monroe must discover what it means to be a witch while fighting off demonic possession.

For Luther “Thorne” Craig, his attraction to the witch, Monroe, isn’t just a complication, it’s a distraction. He’s always been happy with his life, serving the denizens of Hell while living flamboyantly, but now he’s declared war on his mother and Lilith won’t rest until she sees him dead.

Armed with her book of shadows, Monroe is dragged into a civil war between mother and son while Luther fights his demonic need to truly possess her.

Dancing with the Devil : The Thorne Trilogy Book 3

(Coming in 2014)

Dancing with the Devil FINAL

Falling ash. Subservient Hellhounds. Dark mirrors and ticking clocks. Such is the life of a daughter of Hecate living in Hell …

Monroe Jacobs isn’t your typical witch. She is strong, her powers growing with each passing day. They are powers that beckon, powers coveted by many, including the man she loves.

Luther Craig is a remorseless Demon ruler in Hell. Governing a kingdom once presided over by his mother, the she-demon Lilith, Luther has everything he’s ever wanted. Power. But his kingdom is at risk, his newfound strength a challenge to the Princes of Hell.

Theirs is a strange relationship, the witch and the Demon, full of passion and need. It’s a relationship that will be tested by the worst kind of obstacles–pride, covetousness, lust,  anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth.

For in the ash-filled shadows of Hell, the Princes are preparing for war. Luther isn’t the only one who wants power and a blonde-haired witch. He’ll have to face the Seven Deadly Sins to keep both.

14 thoughts on “The Thorne Trilogy ~ The magical Redemption spin-off series that follows Monroe Jacobs

    • Hi, Michelle!! So excited that you are liking this series!!! The second book in this series, Possessed, is actually one of the four books I have slated to release this year before January! So be on the lookout! So excited!!!! Massive hugs and lots of love!

    • Hi, Susan! Dancing with the Devil will be releasing by May of this year. So not much longer! I am so excited about this book! Thank you so much for following Monroe and Luther’s journey! It means so much that you are reading! Massive hugs and love!

  1. OMG I just finished reading the first book of the trilogy, ‘Cursed’ and I felt in LOVE with it!!! I read it in one day, was instantly transported inside the store, loved the characters, felt in love with Luther from word one! Can’t wait to read ‘Possessed’ and so looking forwards to the last book of the collection! R.K you have a captivating writing style in which I adored! Great job and congratulation in this series =)

    • Thank you so much, Marina! That means so much to me! I can’t thank you enough for reading and for sharing these adventures with me! Massive hugs and love!

    • Hi, Jennifer! Dancing with the Devil is set to release the end of May, so not much longer! Squeeee! I don’t have a definite day for May, as this depends on editing, but I am looking for its release around the last week in May! Thank you so much for reading and sharing this series with me! It means the world! Hugs and love!

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