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Hi, All! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks here with conventions and etc. I have two more conventions coming up. The first is UtopYA in Nashville in June and the other is the Believe HOPE LIVE Author Convention in Maine in August, a charity convention for cancer. This one means a lot to me as charity is something that truly touches me. My own father was a cancer survivor. I’ve had a few questions about book releases and wanted to take a moment to tell you where I’m at release-wise. Due to some unexpected family deaths (my father and grandmother) at the beginning of the year and some recent family illnesses, it put me a little behind deadline, but all of the books set to release this year are still releasing. Yay! I’m working hard now to get you Deliverance and Dancing with the Devil as well as Revelation. All of these will release over the summer and through August/September followed by City in Ruins and Retaliation Bridge this Fall and Winter. For my Singing River fans, I am also working on a River and Haven short story that will appear in a summer anthology with a group of other romance writers. I will definitely be posting updates. I am so excited about everything to come, but I sincerely apologize for the delay in recent releases! There are a lot of things in the works, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you! Massive hugs and tons of love!!! Your support means the absolute world!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

~R.K. Ryals~



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Check out the nominations for this year’s 2014 UtopYA awards! I will be attending this convention in June in Nashville, TN, and I am honored to be included among the list of nominees! If you want more information about the convention, please check out UtopYA at http://utopyacon.com/. Whether you are a fan of my books or some of the other amazing authors on this list and would like to vote for your choice of nominee for the 2014 UtopYA awards, you can vote here! http://bit.ly/VOTEutopYAawards2014. I am even more honored to announce that the model for Marcas Craig on the Redemption series covers, Jesse Daniels, has been nominated for Best Cover Model this year! Working with him and Kimberly Pool (Dayton) was a wonderful experience! I am so excited to be a part of this convention! If you are attending, I can’t wait to see you there! Massive hugs and loads of love.

~R.K. Ryals~

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If you love paranormal romance with action, adventure, drama, angels, demons, and all kinds of supernatural things going on, this is one series you will most definitely want to read. ~Always YA at Heart

With swoon-worthy demons and snarky heroines, what’s not to love? Ms. Ryals takes a very popular genre and makes it her own. Redemption is unlike anything I have ever read and I am officially a fan for life! ~Pyxi Rose

There’s nothing so satisfying as stumbling upon a book that captivates you from start to finish, a book whose characters become your friends and people you care about, and the world a place in which your imagination is allowed to breath.

An Amazing Tale of Heartbreak and